After spending over 30 years bringing our services to our clients, they know what sort of high quality production they will receive from Magpie. Depending on whether a slick, highly produced event is what is wanted or simply a quarterly, compulsory event can be planned as per the clients ideas. We will design 3D stage plans in pre production, visit the venue of your event, liaise with all the various stakeholders of the event, and can provide an experienced live event manager to make sure the events run smoothly on the big day.

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The amount of unseen work that is done before an event may often go unnoticed by an audience, but that’s simply a sign of a job well done. Like a good referee or film editor, when a job is done well, it’s seemless, it looks like it should always have been done that way. On the other hand, if there’s an error people will look at you, complain and give out.

The more planning and detail in your pre-production communications, the better a chance you give yourself of holding a successful event. We love detail! The more, the better because then we know exactly how they day will go, which in turn means that the client can be more at ease knowing we will take care of everything.


When it comes to the events themselves, clients that have worked closely with us know how we work. Sometimes important events require a better level of production. Those award shows or important annual conferences sometimes need a little extra care and attention. For those, we have excellent event producers that have produced live shows around the country for more than 25 years.

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