AV Tips

Cabaret Style Microphones!

A game changing solution for handling a group discussion.

Digi mic2

A cabaret style seating setup is always tricky when it comes to microphones. Either people have to run about the room with lots of radio microphones or delegates just plain shout. Worse again, if a delegate is near the front, they just talk normally to the stage and don’t realize their comments cannot be heard.

Cabaret style seating is a particular style of seating when delegates are required to work together in small groups at round tables. Where there is normally ten people to a round table, there is now six with and the front kept clear to view the stage easily. It’s a useful layout for workshops and where group interaction is important.
Managing the audio for group discussions can be a challenge with hand radio microphones being bounced around a room. Who’s got what and where’s the microphone now!
Our solution for this is our Brahler Digimic Package.
“Each table has it’s own stand alone wireless table microphone”Digi mic1
The free standing microphone can be switched on or off either by the delegate or the AV technician remotely. When the microphone is switched “on” a tally light at the tip comes on telling the delegate it’s live and also helps the audience identify who is speaking, which is useful when everyone is seated. They also have neat features like voice activation and a chairman “priority mute” button which allows a chairman to mute everyone but himself should the discussion get heated!

AV tips for presenters


  • Meet and brief the AV technician in person in good time
  • Bring your own laptop (in case the PP version does not match)
  • Bring your own PP on a USB key for AV technician
  • Check your PowerPoint on screen and run any media
  • Use a presenter remote control not a remote mouse
  • Arrange before to have a comfort monitor off the podium
  • Check the podium for reading light, remote control, your sight lines of screens and place for water
  • Check your route to the stage and watch for steps
  • Check your microphone for good audio levels
  • Check if you are taking questions at the podium

Simple Projector Tips.

Simple projector guide for a 2.5m screen with no direct light over head.

  • NEC 3000 Ansi Lumen – Boardroom
    Can be used with no lights or small amount of daylight in the room
  • Panasonic 5000 Ansi Lumens
    Can be used with dimmed lights or some daylight in the room
  • Panasonic 6000 Ansi Lumens
    Can be used with good lighting in room or bright room with some daylight (no direct)

Panasonic Projector range

In house projectors:

NEC 3000 3K Ansi Lumen XGA/HD Ready
Panasonic PT-D5500 5K Ansi Lumens XGA
Panasonic PT-D2680 6K Ansi Lumens Full HD 1920 x 1080
Panasonic PT-D2870 8K Ansi Lumens Full HD 1920 x 1080
Panasonic PT-D212000 12K Ansi Lumens Full HD 1920 x 1080

Tips on Powerpoint Aspect Ratio for Presentations.

As we move to HD projection, we now have new screen sizes in our hire stock. This presents problems moving from the old TV square 4:3 shape to the now standard 16:9 HD TV screen shape.
For important presentations make sure your PowerPoint looks good on a wide screen display or projector by choosing the correct aspect ratio. If you don’t want black bars on your PowerPoint presentation, find out what type of screen you are presenting on.

When using -

  • An older projector use a 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • A new projector – use 16:10 Aspect Ratio
  • A LED/ Plasma Screen – use 16:9 Aspect Ratio